WRITER'S BENCH (Bronx made)

As I started writing in the 80's, I belong to that school of writers that was really into street bombing, so me and my crew agree that NYC writers from the 80s like TC5, COD, FC, TNB,TDS... and all those that were afilliated to them, are the link that made the graffiti scene take the good curve that helped the scene to survive and be the source of inspiration for the worldwide scene future.
If you like graffiti and you're looking for the legit gear made by the original writers that influenced you for the last 20 years and more, you must check "WRITER'S BENCH". This brand created by the foundations of COD crew from the Bronx, has the beautifulest graffiti tee shirts range with different graphics from a lot of legendary kings from New York city.
So if you don't want to miss the real shit, have a look at their website and search for "WRITER'S BENCH" gear before it's too late! All the series you'll see are limited edition and there wont be re issues... COD CREW rock on!!!! Keep destroying toys! Word up!!!

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